Entrepreneur Spotlight: Tinia Pina, Re-Nuble

Posted by on September 6th, 2012

At Re-Nuble, we are making meaning matter by working to strengthen society’s comprehension of the environmental consequences behind its decisions. We are relentless about educating and increasing transparency of the cumulative negative impacts caused by our local consumption and lack of natural resource reuse. We would not be making meaning matter if we failed to fully disclose data related to our business model’s reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the full lifetime effects of our communities’ actions. By reporting the following, these types of meaningful connections become important and relevant matter to communities:
- Diversion of organic waste from landfills and prevention of methane emissions
- Renewable energy production and the offset of fossil fuel energy usage
- Organic-based soil product production and the reduction of dependence on synthetic fertilizers
- Reuse of local organic waste and conversion and into by-products that help create local jobs, local products, and local energy security.

As climate patterns continue to gyrate we cannot continue to ignore our impacts.

By educating food producers about the dangers of chemical-based fertilizers…

By encouraging restaurants and vendors to adopt food recycling programs…

By minimizing and repurposing excess food into organic composts…

We hope to redefine the very nature of waste and restore the meaning behind our decisions influencing the food we cultivate, transport, and discard.